Pedestrian Issues

Since the onset of the automobile,  walking has decreased as a form of personal transportation. Consequently, less attention was paid to accommodation for the pedestrian. A current example in Lawrence:

 Both intersections above were considered by the Lawrence City Commission for the Kasold Drive Improvement Project.   Either option would be an improvement over the existing street.    PedCo supported the roundabout because it provides a shorter, protected crossing. PedCo also supported the smaller road configuration on the residential section of Kasold Drive because it promotes speeds appropriate for a neighborhood. In our letter to the Mayor and the Commissioners, we have supported the staff recommendations for the Kasold Drive Improvement Project.  Read about the City Commission's decision here.

Other examples in Lawrence:



Historic sidewalks have to be taken up and laid again. This is time intensive and expensive. Brick sidewalks are slippery when wet. -Lawrence Journal-World photo




The pedestrian is stopped with no alternative to  continue the trip. City Hall is in the background. PedCo recommends that there be boardwalks around construction sites instead of “Sidewalk Closed' signs. Pedestrians should not be forced into vehicular traffic.




Steps leading from the sidewalk to the street are in disrepair. There are no handrails.- City of Lawrence photo




This morning a woman pushing a stroller in front of me was struggling and "driving erratically." When I got closer to her I saw why. - Facebook post



This sidewalk slopes with a steep driveway rather than accommodating pedestrians. The sidewalk is less than half a block from the hospital.

"When it comes to site plans for big box stores, why is the placement of a roadway directly in front of the store when 100% of the customers entering and exiting a store are on foot. With this arrangement,  the first thing that they have to do is to effectively cross a street in order to get to the store or parking. It seems dangerous to be encouraging traffic to drive directly into the path of these pedestrians." LJWorld blog post, Town Talk/C. Lawhorn, November 12, 2013

 Shared use paths have benefits for many travelers. Do you see some safety issues for travelers in the photo above? 

Shared use paths have benefits for many travelers. Do you see some safety issues for travelers in the photo above?