About Us

Mission Statement

The Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition exists to realize completion of the pedestrian network in Lawrence, Kansas and ensure pedestrian access and safety throughout our community.


  • Promote wellness for all community members and visitors by promoting walking in a safe, convenient and attractive environment,
  • Advocate establishment of pedestrian friendly government policies and infrastructure,
  • Develop increased community awareness of pedestrian access and safety.

2017 Objectives

  • Monitor and participate in pedestrian issues addressed by city and county.
  • Organize a second Town Meeting.
  • Advocate for abandoning current sidewalk maintenance program.
  • Support implementation of Safe Routes to Schools.
  • Develop a long-term plan for the structure and viability of PedCo. 


  • 2017, October: Spoke to Transportation Commission regarding Lawrence Loop alignment and Transportation Alternatives grants.
  • 2017, September: Hosted a “Safe Routes for All Town Hall 2.0". Mark Fenton featured speaker.
  • 2017, June: Spoke to City Commission regarding using sales tax to fund sidewalk repair
  • 2017, March: Spoke to City Commission regarding proposal to fund sidewalk repair
  • 2017, February: Sent letter to City Commission regarding equitable funding of sidewalk repair
  • 2016, October: Spoke to City Commission regarding plan to enforce sidewalk repair ordinance.
  • 2016, September: Spoke to Lawrence City Commission in support of Complete Streets option for Kasold Drive Project.
  • 2016, August: Spoke in support of Kasold Project Complete Streets option.
  • 2016, July: Submitted letter of support to City Commission for 2017 Ped-Bike funding.
  • 2016, June: Spoke in support of pedestrian funding at the City Commission Public Hearing on the 2017 budget.
  • 2016, May: Spoke in support of the Final Report at the City Commission Meeting.
  • 2016, March: Submitted letter of support for Ped-Bike Issues Task Force (PBITF)Final Report to City Commission.
  • 2015, November: Provided input to the City Commission regarding proposed sidewalk abandonment on Bob Billings Parkway Project.  The sidewalk was retained in the project.
  • 2015, September:Arranged an informational meeting on the Kasold Drive Improvement Project with city engineer Dave Cronin. Dave presented proposed options for Kasold drive reconstruction and how each option impacts the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • 2015, March:   Members collaborated with other civic groups to request a city appointed task force to study pedestrian and bicycle issues and make recommendations to improve the city’s mobility
  • 2015, March:   Hosted a “Safe Routes for All” town hall. The event was a huge success.  Over 300 people attended.
  • 2014, October:   Requested a sidewalk inventory from the city.  The city now has an inventory and condition of all the sidewalks.
  • 2013, October:   Presented an introductory letter to the city commission with a list of low or no cost actions that would benefit pedestrians.
  • 2013, May:   The Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods and the League of Women Voters pulled together a few volunteers who were interested in pedestrian issues. This was the beginning of the Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition (LPC). The LPC is still a group of volunteers that has worked with the city and supported pedestrian efforts to improve the walking environment.