The Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition exists to realize completion of the pedestrian network in Lawrence, Kansas and ensure pedestrian access and safety throughout our community.

Everyone is a pedestrian at sometime during the day whether they are on foot, in a stroller, learning how to ride a bicycle, have mobility disabilities, or are just going to a motor vehicle. The Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition (PedCo) promotes a walk-able community in Lawrence, Kansas.

Lawrence faces many challenges. The sidewalk network is incomplete. Mass transportation needs to be integrated with other modes of transportation. New development should have more pedestrian-friendly designs. The aging population needs transportation options. The community, in general, needs to understand the advantages of walking and how to create an environment that encourages transportation choices. There is a lot of interest among various civic groups. We support and encourage forward movement with all.

Check out what blogger Joel Mathis has to say about sidewalks in Lawrence.

Do the folks below look like they're having fun? They are! Volunteer for the 2016 Bike & Pedestrian Count

Lawrence Journal-World photo

Lawrence Journal-World photo

 PedCo meets the second Wednesday of every month, at 7 PM.
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