The Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition (PedCo) exists to realize completion of the pedestrian network in Lawrence, Kansas and ensure pedestrian access and safety throughout our community.

Everyone is a pedestrian at some time during the day whether they are on foot, in a stroller, have mobility disabilities, or are just walking to or from a motor vehicle. The Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition (PedCo) promotes a walk-able community in Lawrence, Kansas.

Lawrence faces many challenges. The sidewalk network is incomplete. Mass transportation needs to be integrated with other modes of transportation. New development should have more pedestrian-friendly designs. The aging population needs transportation options. The community, in general, needs to understand the advantages of walking and how to create an environment that encourages transportation choices. We support and encourage all efforts to address and overcome these challenges. Our meetings are open to the public. Please join us!

Next Meeting

Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Meeting Room A, Lawrence Public Library
707 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS 66044


We can also be found on Facebook.

"Kansas Sidewalks", a new report from the Public Health Law Center, provides an excellent overview of sidewalks in Kansas (pdf).

Lawrence Journal-World photo

Lawrence Journal-World photo

The folks in vests are counting pedestrians and cyclists as part of the city's annual Bicycle & Pedestrian count
Data collected will assist City leaders estimate usage and demand for bike/pedestrian facilities.